Literature Bibliography

In my upcoming literature review, I will be drawing from the below list of sources. These sources include studies of education’s effect on terrorism, past de-radicalization efforts, and educational programs in refugee camps. The intent of the literature review is to develop an understanding of education’s relationship with terror/terrorism while understanding the impact education has had in refugee camps.

My current bibliography:

Abuza, Zachary. “Education and Radicalization: Jemaah Islamiyah Recruitment in Southeast Asia.” The Making of a Terrorist: Recruitment, Training, and Root Causes. Ed. James J. F. Forest. Connecticut: Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc. 2006. 66-83.

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Fincham, Kathleen. “Learning the Nation in Exile: Constructing Youth Identities, Belonging and ‘Citizenship’ in Palestinian Refugee Camps in South Lebanon.” Comparative Education 48, no.1 (2012). 119-133. doi:

Krueger, Alan B. and Jitka Maleckova. “Education, Poverty, and Terrorism: Is There a Causal Connection?” Journal of Economic Perspectives 17, no. 4 (2003). 119-144. URL:

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